You can expect independent, discreet and competent representation from your Attorney. That’s to be taken for granted.

My philosophy is: I am there for you.

I am available to you and not shielded by a reception. If you call me, I am directly available. If I am not at my desk, your call will be forwarded to my cellphone. If it is busy or unavailable, your call will be forwarded to my voice mailbox. Any message you leave reaches me - just like email or fax - almost immediately.

I’ve got time for you. You are travelling a lot and can hardly accomodate a meeting with your lawyer during working hours? I will meet you before or after - even on the weekend. By employing modern IT systems I can advise and represent you nearly location-independently. Video conferencing is also no problem.

In addition, I attach importance to up-to-date working equipment, legal literature, online research databases, modern computer software, recent IT systems and ongoing backup of your critical data. Means which directly positively influence the quality of my work for you. Just ask me.