Information technology law:

Creation of software, customization of software, design of contracts, agile development, SCRUM, monitoring and coaching of IT projects, licensing agreements, GNU General Public License (GPL), Creative Commons (CC), outsourcing, maintenance-, service- and support contracts for software and hardware, service level agreements, application service providing (ASP), software as a service (SaaS), crisis management in IT projects, Escrow

Internet law and e-commerce:

Legal consideration of websites, compliance of online-shops, defence of cease and desist letters, design and review of general conditions of contract (AGB), competition law, industrial property, internet domain law, trademark law, copyright law, media law, liability for external content, risk analysis for website operators, blogs and forums, provider contracts

Data protection law and IT security law:

IT security and data protection concepts, compliance, data security, risk evaluation for IT projects, risk of liability of the management

Public procurement law:

Counsel and assistance with call for bids for IT projects and with participation, German complementary terms of contract for IT projects (EVB-IT)

Criminal defence:

Criminal defence in the area of IT criminal law, filesharing, online fraud and deception, online auctions and e-commerce, pirate copies, eavesdropping, wiretapping, hacking, cracking, obstruction and sabotage of IT systems, data alteration, phishing, pharming, infringement of copyright law, trademark law, competition law and data protection laws